Nordic Health Lab

looks for new paths that could take us to undiscovered healthcare solutions through strategic partnerships

NHL works with and can support you in the following areas:

Nordic Health Lab…

develops and tests healthcare practices in a real-life testing arena

In cooperation with entrepreneurs and collaborators we consider what tests are required for a project to succeed.
Such tests can for example conclude what kind of need or demand there is for a solution – and or if the solution requires research evidence to be launched, we can help execute such tests.

Nordic Health Lab…

puts the healthcare practices of tomorrow on the agenda of today

We are well aware that the wheel is already invented. But we are constantly focused on what new solutions and trends are upcoming in society today. Such insights are considered essential when working with innovation, so that great surrounding forces don’t end up preventing solutions in the end.

Nordic Health Lab…

is a platform for collaboration across industries, sectors, and skill sets

It is limited how much knowledge can be at just one company. Sometimes it will be essential to seek knowledge, location-options for tests, user availability and so on from outside parties. We are focused on an open network so that the new potentials for health solutions are getting the necessary insights from external parties.

Nordic Health Lab…

tests if the idea is plausible in a technological perspective

What does a good solution consist of? There is much more to it than a user need or an original idea. We test and document whether the idea and design concept is technically possible in the circumstances it should be used in.

Nordic Health Lab…

focuses on the aspect of a scaling and growing solution

We have in mind that the development and implementation of an solution always has an economic side to it. We are focused to guide in the aspects of increasing revenue and number of users. Including new uses, solution elements, further development of organisation and business model.

Nordic Health Lab…

actively engages creative disciplines in developing new healthcare practices

More and more research is getting made that creative disciplines like; architecture, art and design can actually have an impact on peoples health. We wan’t to support and explore such ways of helping people.