We need new perspectives

With new challenges comes new potential. Nordic Health Lab’s mission is to pursue and create promising new innovations in healthcare — because the practices of tomorrow will be significantly different to the ones we know for today.

We don’t claim to be able to do this on our own. On the contrary, we believe that reaching out to other sectors and industries is essential. That’s why we combine scientific knowledge with social and creative approaches and make use of new technological advancements. It is within this intersection of different skills and capabilities that groundbreaking healthcare practices must develop.


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Or one of our employees below



  • Henrik Schødts
    Chairman Deputy Chief Executive and Project Chief Executive, New North Zealand Hospital
  • Bente Ourø Rørth
    Member Hospital Director, North Zealand Hospital
  • Erik Nygren
    Member Head of Administration, Hillerød Municipality
  • John Renner Hansen
    Member Dean, Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences, Copenhagen University
  • Vibeke Abel
    Member Director of Citizens' and Social Services, and Elderly and Health, Hillerød Municipality
  • Kristian Schrøder Hart-Hansen
    Member Director, Leo Innovation Lab