Nordic Health Lab

tests and co-develops future health solutions through strategic partnerships

Rethinking health care

Our function at NHL is to support projects which have the opportunity to increase peoples health. A human’s health can be affected by many things. Therefore we believe that there is a need to think innovative about areas like art, design, architecture, work environment – and how new health-solutions can be supported from such areas.

The list of areas is in fact long because we will not be biased and narrow-minded about what areas has the opportunity to improve health – we will examine what actually helps!

For this reason, we do not have one single mapped service, we have many different ways of cooperation – so that we can adapt and modify our process for each project and its needs.


We can support you with:

We help you understand the scientific field or health area

We support you with a great base of suitable collaborators

We help you test your idea in the real world with real people


We help you understand the users and their needs

We identify new opportunities and trends

We help you set focus on increasing the number of users and revenue